Frost Concert Jazz Band featuring Adam Rogers
Justin Morell Concerto for Guitar and Jazz Orchestra:
JazzTimes by Bill Meredith
The Los Angeles-raised composer is assisted by recent multi-Grammy winner John Daversa, chair of studio music and jazz at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, conducting one of the country’s top large collegiate jazz ensembles; he raises the bar even higher by featuring guitarist Adam Rogers.”
Downbeat by Bobby Reed (Downbeat editor)
“Splendid new album… throughout the program, the guitarist balances the intricacies of complex fretwork with the desire to forge an emotional connection with the listener… Although Morell and Daversa have deep roots in academia, they have teamed with the classically trained Rogers to craft a program that is just as suited for the concert stage as it is the classroom.”
All About Jazz by Jack Bowers
Rogers responds well to the task, amplifying the concerto’s inherent gracefulness and charm with his mellow and perceptive counterpoise. The outcome is so polished and symmetrical that it’s hard to discern with any degree of assurance where composition ends and improvisation begins.”
Indie Voice by Robert Leggett
“If you love classical music, as well as jazz and blues, then you will love this amazing… jazz concerto.”
All About Jazz by Mark Sullivan
“A true musical fusion, Morell’s concerto refers to the forms of the Classical and Romantic eras; the harmonic language of contemporary concert music; and jazz pieces presenting a soloist with a large ensemble, such as the great collaborations between arranger Gil Evans and trumpeter Miles Davis. Counterpoint and swing coexist here, with composition and improvisation often blending into each other with no clear dividing line. An ambitious work that should be of equal interest to listeners interested in large ensemble jazz or jazz guitar (Adam Rogers fans especially).”
Sounds of Timeless Jazz by Paula Edelstein
“Under Daversa’s musical direction, the lush, lyrical testimony of the orchestra’s gift for conveying deep emotions (and not just rhythmic excitement), makes this project successful. Overall, Concerto for Guitar and Jazz Orchestra  is a must have for all jazz music aficionados… beautifully reflects the virtuosity of composer, arranger Justin Morell and is a most welcome composition to the existing repertoire for the jazz guitar soloist… richly expressive.”
Bebop Spoken Here by Max G
“The Frost Concert Jazz Band under the direction of John Daversa show themselves to be an ensemble of remarkable quality. Their execution of Morell’s work is flawless throughout… This is a truly exceptional album in both its performances and the quality of the compositions featured. I strongly recommend giving it a listen – you won’t regret it!”
Keys and Chords by Patrick Van de Wiele
“A concerto in 3 parts… a special project… for those who love music on the edge of classical and jazz.”


Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil
“The Frost Concert Jazz Band supplies the tightly prepared musical stage. They are a part of the University of Miami’s School of Music and, under the direction of John Daversa, these fledgling musicians do a highly professional and admirable job of interpreting the compositions of Justin Morell and buoying the talents of Adam Rogers.”
The Vinyl Anachronist
“Sultry and lush … a complex sound that will appeal to different people for different reasons, and that’s why it’s so good.”
Sounds of Timeless Jazz by Paula Edelstein
“A must have for all jazz music aficionados.”
Midwest Record by Chris Spector
“A progressive work that breaks new ground and will hold listeners in thrall.”
JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran
“Masterfully rendered, alternately sweeping and introspective three movement concerto gives us a deeper understanding of how uniquely disparate elements can come together to create an extraordinary work… A work of uncommon passion and depth, which will give jazz and classical aficionados many details to dissect even as the more casual listener gets swept along its uniquely emotional byways.”


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