Frequently asked questions and info about score downloads:

Q: How do I purchase sheet music?

A: Go to the Store and add a piece to your cart. You can pay with Paypal. You will immediately receive an email with instructions for how to download your scores and parts instantly. If you encounter a problem, just send me a note.

Q: What comes with a sheet music purchase?

A: In most cases, you will receive a score and parts for the piece. Some downloads have these combined into one large file, and others will have the scores and parts in separate pdf files.

Q: Can I preview scores before I buy?

A: Not instantly. However, if you are interested in a piece I can email a copy (or an excerpt) of the score for no charge. Many of the pieces have audio samples to preview the music.

Q: I have an ensemble with similar but slightly different instrumentation. Can these pieces be adapted for other instrumentation?

A: In many cases, yes. I am happy to transpose parts from my original Finale files. A small additional charge may apply. Feel free to contact me to discuss further, especially if you are interested in ordering multiple works. I am also willing to make more significant changes for varied instrumentation, but if there is a significant amount of time involved it will likely involve some extra fees. Again, let me know what your needs are. Some works already contain flexible instrumentation.

General notes about parts and scores: Some scores are formatted for portrait orientation, and others for landscape. This depends upon the needs of the individual piece. In all cases, scores are formatted for letter-size paper. Parts can be printed and taped, however most parts are planned for booklet-style printing. In fact, you may notice the occasional blank page in the middle of the part (or even an extra title page for some parts). This is to facilitate booklet printing with correct pagination.