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Justin Morell Dectet (Sonic Frenzy)

From a set of five fugues to familiar-feeling pieces that coast along in classic big-band fashion, the Justin Morell Dectet offers a clever look at large-ensemble music on “Subjects and Complements.” Besides providing all original music, the 10-piece band does it with fresh voicings from four saxophones and reeds, a trumpet, a trombone and bass trombone, and rhythm section. The fugues are the best part of the album, suggesting a classical element but being full of jazz, rhythmically and harmonically. As times, they break apart for solos before regrouping. Meanwhile, “The Wobbler” is built around a quirky rhythm that drives its melody, while the pleasant “Sun Subtle” shows off good interplay from the horns, particularly the lower ones. It is an album that demands and rewards the listener for paying attention.

— Bob Karlovits